PC Diagnostics

Making sure that you know the price before the actual repair happens, we allow our customers to drop-off their desktops for a free of charge diagnostics and price assessment. This means that we’ll see your hardware through and will detect and report anything wrong with it – free of charge!
  1. PC Health Check App (Windows):

    • PC Health Check is a Windows app that provides up-to-date information about your device’s health. It helps you improve performance and troubleshoot issues.
    • You can use it to:
      • Check Windows 11 eligibility.
      • Backup and sync your data.
      • Monitor Windows Update status.
      • View battery capacity.
      • Check storage capacity.
      • Measure startup time.
      • Get tips on PC health.
    • To open PC Health Check, simply search for it using the taskbar search in Windows1.
  2. Third-Party Diagnostic Tools:

    • There are several free PC diagnostic tools available that gather information about your system and identify potential issues.
    • These tools can help you spot problems related to hardware, software, and performance.
    • Some popular options include:
      • Speccy: Provides detailed information about your hardware components.
      • HWMonitor: Monitors temperature, voltage, and fan speeds.
      • CrystalDiskInfo: Checks the health of your hard drives.
      • MemTest86: Tests RAM for errors.
      • Prime95: Stress-tests your CPU.
      • FurMark: Tests GPU stability.
    • Remember to download these tools from reputable sources and follow their instructions2.
  3. Built-in Windows Diagnostic Tools:

    • Windows has several built-in tools for diagnosing hardware issues:
      • Windows Memory Diagnostic: Checks RAM for errors.
      • Check Disk Utility (chkdsk): Scans and repairs file system issues.
      • System File Checker (sfc): Verifies system files.
      • Device Manager: Inspects hardware components and drivers.
      • Event Viewer: Reviews system logs for errors.
    • Access these tools by searching for their names in the Start menu or Control Panel3.

Remember that diagnosing PC issues can be complex, so use a combination of these tools to get a comprehensive view of your system’s health. Allow ComputecMIAMI to use our large experience to diagnose your PC in the best possible way. 

Replacing hardware parts is how oftentimes a serious PC or a laptop glitch gets fixed.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the overall quality of the parts a tech company has in stock and their range.
We have both, being able to find a replacement part virtually for any computer or a laptop!

Here’s a list of the parts that we replace most commonly:

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