Summer Sale! Discounted Open-Box PCs

There are some great deals on open-box Lenovo and HP mini-PCs right now. Might be worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new computer. Let us know if you want more info!

  • Portable Gaming Stations: Create mini PCs optimized for gaming on the go. These could be compact yet powerful machines featuring graphics cards designed for gaming performance. Package them with accessories like portable monitors or gaming controllers for a complete gaming experience.
  • Smart Home Mini PCs: Develop mini PCs that serve as smart home hubs, integrating features like voice assistants, home automation, and multimedia streaming capabilities. These can be marketed as versatile devices that streamline and enhance various aspects of home life.

  • Education-Focused Mini PCs: Create mini PCs tailored for educational purposes, pre-loaded with educational software, learning games, and resources for students of all ages. Offer special discounts or bundles for families looking to supplement their children’s learning during the summer break.

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